About Kyuuketsuki
Kyuuketsuki's name comes from the Japanese word meaning Vampire. It doesn't really have anything to do with the types of projects we will work on, it was just something the founder, Dracula, and his partner came up with. So that doesn't mean we'll only be fansubbing vampire-themed animes (which has always been a frequently asked question). Just don't be surprised when we do end up releasing a vampire-themed anime, Drac loves 'em.  :p
We aspire to bringing fast, quality releases as well as releases that fans are interested in, with small exception to things & events that are beyond our control.
In regards to other fansubbing groups; we're not in this to "compete" with them. If there happens to be another group working on the same project we are, so be it. They have our utmost respect and you should be thankful that you have options when it comes to any particular show.
We're still a fairly new group so we do what we can when we can. We're in an ever-ongoing learning process, so yes there may be a v2 every now and then, but then again how many groups have never released a v2?

Contact Information:
IRC Channel:
Vlad - For Distribution Volunteering
Girl/LadyVamp - For Private Comments on Releases

For those of you who prefer not to use IRC and still wish to contact us you may do so
For any site releated business contact the administrator
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