Donations II
By: Vlad 11/07/06
Please take some time to visit St0rmGaming. For those who are asking "Why would I care?", St0rmgaming has been supporting us with XDCC bots, a seeding server, and FTPs ever since we, Kyuuketsuki, started. But due to lack of funding, our main XDCC bot ([Kyuu]Icey) has been taken offline. Our staff FTPs and the seeding server is still online (for now) but there's no guarantee on how long it'll last. If you enjoyed getting releases from our fast servers, I'd like you to donate @ here (the money will go to st0rmgaming) or to help them (as well as helping us). Any amount will be highly appreciated. For any question you can leave me a pm here or pm Vlad in our IRC channel.

Note: Donations are fully voluntary and we won't hold back any releases just because we aren't getting any.

Thanks Again